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Friday, July 18, 2008


Iraqi army patrols Sadr City ...

Al Qaeda Recruits Foreign Jihadi Fighters for Afghan War ...
Have Oil Prices Peaked? Crude Plunges $16 in 3 Days ...

Chertoff: Terrorists With EU Passports Pose Threat ...

U.S. Soldiers in Iraq Long to Battle in Afghan War ...

F.rench company fined for sales to Iran ...

Hugo Chavez's Narcotics Connection
Recently, Mexican military officials claimed they seized five-and-a-half tons of powdered cocaine from a commercial aircraft that landed in Mexico following a a trip from Venezuela. The street value of the drugs was estimated to be upwards of $100 million

Troops in Iraq Capture 14 Suspects, Seize Weapons WASHINGTON - Coalition and Iraqi forces caught 14 suspects and seized weapons caches in Iraq over the past three days, military officials said.

Coalition, Iraqi Forces Detain 18, Find Weapons WASHINGTON - Coalition forces detained 18 suspected terrorists and discovered weapons caches during recent operations in Iraq, military officials said.

Iran: US Presence at Nuclear Talks a 'Positive' Development Voice of America News - Politics 11:05

Top U.S. envoy to meet with IAEA chief about Iran USA Today - World 11:01

Iran expects progress from nuclear ... The Washington Times - World 10:59

US military base near Iran border? IranMania News - News & Current Affairs 07:15

US seeks green light for Iran base Guardian Unlimited 00:34

US changes tack on Iran, ...
The Washington Times 20:59 17-Jul-08

Iran: US will seek green light to open base in Tehran
Guardian Unlimited 00:17 18-Jul-08

Zaman: "Turkey and Israel announced yesterday that feasibility studies will...
War and Piece 18:22 17-Jul-08

Afghanistan: Karzai talks about relations with Iran and U.S.
i On Global Trends (Weblog) 11:52 17-Jul-08

Condi's coup: how the neo-cons lost the argument over Iran
Belfast Telegraph 08:22 18-Jul-08

Coercive 'Diplomacy' -- Prelude to War 06:35 18-Jul-08

Bush Tries Gentler Approach With Iran as U.S. Envoy Heads...
Bloomberg 04:53 18-Jul-08

Iran-linked attacks subside in Iraq
USA Today 04:30 18-Jul-08

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