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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

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US-Iranian relations are once again headline news after dropping off the radar for several months in the wake of the US National Intelligence Estimate in December 2007. In recent days, media and public attention has focused on the growing US diplomatic overtures to Tehran, as well as the reports about a possible military attack on Iran that continue to circulate.

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Empowering the Iranian Regime
Every move the White House makes strengthens the Iranian government – even Washington analysts must accept this by now. But within Iran, aside from the war of words between Khamenei's minions and the Bush administration, it is a reconfiguring of the political classes that has got the middle classes talking. more

'Secret N-plant Discovered at Zarqan Area'
KUWAIT CITY -- A secret nuclear bomb manufacturing center at Al-Zarqan Area in Al-Ahwaziya Region, which was first established in 2000, was discovered recently, highly reliable sources told Al-Seyassah. Sources from Ahwaziya claimed Tehran has started building a secret nuclear plant for manufacturing atomic bombs in Zarqan Area near Ahwaz City in southwest Iran and its border with Iraq. more

Ahmadinejad Cites `Common Ground' with West
TEHRAN, Iran -- Iran's president said in an interview broadcast Monday that he sees "common ground" with the West over his country's disputed nuclear program, and "new behavior" from the United States that could merit a positive response. more

Iranian Court Jails Former News Chief
An Iranian court has jailed and fined the former head of a news agency for publishing lies, Iranian media reported yesterday. Masoud Haidari was managing director of the labour news agency ILNA, which often covered workers' protests and arrests of rights activists. more

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