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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Solar Energy - Made in Israel

Solar panels are fast becoming an alternative energy source for the home. Solar energy works well in cases where traditional power would be too expensive. If you are interested in making your home more environmentally friendly then solar energy is definitely something you should consider. And that's not all. Traditional energy sources such as generators can be noisy and even pollute the environment. They are also more time consuming to maintain. Solar energy is easy to integrate into your life because there are kits made by numerous manufacturers.If you live in a rural area or one that is subject to inclement weather conditions, you may find your electricity going out. Solar power can serve as a backup source of power in the event that your main power source goes out. While it's unlikely that you would want to live on solar power alone it is an excellent backup if your electricity does go out. Solar power kits can be purchased and installed at a variety of locations and even online. If you are unfamiliar with solar power kits you should shop around to see which kit is best for you.You will need to choose a solar panel kit with Photovoltaic cells. The panels of these cells can be installed where it is most convenient for you. The two main choices when installing solar cells are the roof of your dwelling or mounted on poles. Photovoltaic cells generate power by changing sunlight to energy then storing it for use at a later time. The energy produced by these cells is at a DC current and is either 12 or 24 energy volts. Once you've chosen your kit you will need an inverter which takes the DC energy current and converts it to 110 AC power so that you can use it for residential applications.As you can see, there are many reasons to consider solar panels for the home. If you are someone who is concerned about the environment you can feel good about using solar power in an attempt to conserve valuable energy. Solar power can be used alongside various other solutions like wind power. And as mentioned before, solar power makes a great backup in the event that your main power source goes out. You will never have to worry about going without power again when you install a solar panel kit.

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