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Monday, February 18, 2008

Snoop Dogg Flava Flav Roast - and then the SECRETS OF THE CIA

Snoop Dogg ft Nate Dogg, Kurupt & Warren G - It Aint No Fun

Dr. Dre - The Next Episode

Eminem - Bitch Please II (feat. Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Xzibit)

It's about goddamn time to blow the whistle. US government is the BIGGEST cocaine and heroin MAFIA in the whole freaking world. Bill Clinton's Mena Arkansas cocaine laundering, Bush CIA trafficking empire, Iran Contra, Plan Colombia, Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan poppy route, Vietnam War Burma Golden Triangle, none of these are enough evidence?


Mike Ruppert - Former LAPD investigator, now 9-11 truther and CIA whistleblower, explains how the US government and Bush crime family is involved in drug trafficking, and how 9-11 plays into the global dominace scheme. A very important lecture. The Clinton Chronicles - Bill's Mena cocaine operations

Secret Mason handshake... Bush Clinton crime syndicate came a LONG way together. All in the family.

Russian state TV suggests USA involved in drug-

trafficking from Afghanistan

BBC Monitoring - Channel One TV, Moscow, in Russian - Sun, 10 Feb 2008 15:04 EST

Russian state-controlled Channel One TV has broadcast a report containing allegations that US forces are involved in drug-trafficking from Afghanistan to Europe. It also highlighted the problem of drug abuse in the British army.The channel's weekly news roundup "Voskresnoye Vremya" on 10 February noted that, according to the UN, the amount of opium being produced in Afghanistan has more than doubled since the coalition troops entered the country.The report went on to show former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair visiting the country at an unspecified time. It said that he had met almost 800 British troops during the visit. "This is either a coincidence or the working of cruel fate, but this is the exact number of soldiers that the British army loses each year because of drug abuse. This is more than the total combat losses of the royal army in Iraq and Afghanistan," the correspondent noted.The report then featured an extract from a BBC news website story saying that the British army loses a whole battalion of troops a year because of drug abuse (Research revealed that the story was published on 14 December 2007). The report went on to look at the wider problem of how to reverse the trend of increasing opium production in Afghanistan. Aleksandr Mikhaylov, the head of the department of interdepartmental and informational activity at the Russian Drugs Control Agency, was shown saying that economic measures to tackle the problem are foundering on local corruption. "The local authorities draw up seriously forged lists in which an amount is recorded for the amount destroyed and, in fact, the crop has not been destroyed at all. The theft of the money to combat narcotics is going on and is flourishing," he said. The accusation that US forces are involved in drug-trafficking came from Geydar Dzhemal, chairman of the Islamic Committee of Russia. "Without the control and connivance on the part of the special services none of these things are possible. For example in Afghanistan, the CIA and the special services are quite brazen. Under the protection of the American army they meet the necessary people. They collect the stuff, go to the Bagram airbase and they hand in a large consignment of narcotics, which is then taken away," he said. The report went on to say that heroin reached the Balkans via Turkey, which "has been a member of NATO since 1952 and is the USA's closest ally in the region". It said it is "another amazing coincidence" that Kosovo hosts the largest NATO base in Europe. The correspondent added that there is a "secret Interpol post" next to this base. "Here they speak almost openly about Afghan heroin in American planes," he noted.A man captioned as Marko Nicovic, Interpol employee, explained that 90 per cent of heroin goes through the Albanian mafia, which is now more powerful than the Sicilian mafia. He also alleged that members of this mafia bribe European parliamentarians to support the independence of Kosovo.The report went on to link high levels of drug crime in Russia with the US invasion of Afghanistan. "Since the Americans unleashed war on the Taleban, Russian crime labs have been working non-stop," the correspondent observed over footage of a drugs raid and packages of drugs being opened.Aleksandr Mikhaylov, the head of the department of interdepartmental and informational activity at the Russian Drugs Control Agency, was shown saying that the production of narcotics in Afghanistan is getting more professional and that drugs have taken a real stranglehold on the Afghan economy. "The situation today is that narcotics have become a substance used for barter in Afghanistan," he observed."For as long as heroin remains the only hard currency in the country and until NATO and its military coalition do not resolve their own issues, the agricultural proclivities here will hardly change," the correspondent concluded.

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N FROM THE CURE - The Rick Simpson Story (Part 1 of 7)
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Secrets of the CIA

Secrets of CIA (no commercials)- hr 32 min - 26 Jan 2007 -
This documentary explains how CIA pioneered, developed, manipulated prisoner abuse, sold drugs, changed regimes and killed millions of

Secrets of the CIA - 1 hr
the CIA...Secrets
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Secrets of CIA.avi - 2 hr 2 min - 3 Oct 2006 -
.This documentary explains how CIA pioneered, developed,manipulated prisoner abuse, sold drugs, changed regimes and killed millions of people

New Trove Opened in Kennedy Killing : By LESLIE EATON

DALLAS — The Kennedy assassination — a defining moment in American history and a never-ending topic of debate among conspiracy theorists — re-entered the spotlight for a moment Monday, after the Dallas district attorney unveiled the contents of a safe that had been secret for more than 40 years.Inside were clothing worn by Lee Harvey Oswald; a small, tooled leather holster belonging to his killer, Jack Ruby; and piles of typed, old crackling documents. But nothing that was likely to settle the longstanding dispute over President John F. Kennedy’s death. Perhaps the most intriguing item was what purports to be a transcript of a conversation Ruby had with Oswald at Ruby’s Dallas nightclub, the Carousel, in which they plot to kill Kennedy to satisfy organized crime bosses.But the not-terribly-lifelike dialogue reads like a movie script — and may well have been. For example, Ruby responds to Oswald’s suggestion that they kill the president by saying, “But that wouldn’t be patriotic.”
The trove of material connected to the assassination was collected by the former district attorney, Henry M. Wade, who prosecuted Ruby and continued in office until 1987. Mr. Wade died in 2001.One of the surprises in the collection was a contract for a movie deal about the killing, signed by Mr. Wade, said Craig Watkins, who became district attorney last year. Mr. Watkins said he did not know if the transcript was meant to be part of the film or why the film was never made.An expert who has written a book on the assassination, Max Holland, said the transcript appeared to be based on a long-discredited claim by a Dallas lawyer named Carroll Jarnagin, who said he and a stripper had seen Oswald and Ruby together and overheard the discussion. “It’s a concoction,” Mr. Holland said, adding that Oswald and Ruby did not know each other. The report of the meeting was debunked by the Warren Commission, he said, which after extensive investigation concluded that Oswald was a lone gunman, not a participant in a conspiracy.The documents have not been examined by outside experts, and even his staff has yet to read most of the material, Mr. Watkins said. Once the material is cataloged and images scanned into computers, it will be donated to a museum and made available to the public, he said. The possibilities include the Smithsonian, in Washington, and the Sixth Floor Museum, in Dallas, in the former Texas School Book Depository, from which Oswald fired on Kennedy’s motorcade.Although his predecessors had chosen to keep the material in a safe on the 10th floor of the Dallas County Courthouse for decades, Mr. Watkins said he saw no reason to do so. “We decided that this information is too important to keep secret,” he said.Mr. Watkins, the first black district attorney in Texas, said he was releasing the material in part because of the window it provided on the racism of the past. The material “takes us back to 1960 and the climate not only of our criminal justice system, but of our country as it relates to race,” he said. He cited the official letterhead of nearby Hunt County, which claimed “the blackest land and the whitest people.”In addition to the transcript, he displayed two sets of brass knuckles that belonged to Ruby, and a letter from the Federal Bureau of Investigation to the Dallas police chief, contending that Ruby’s sister said her family had somehow obtained a police report on the preparations for Kennedy’s visit to Dallas.Oswald was arrested for fatally shooting the president on Nov. 22, 1963. Two days later, Ruby shot Oswald to death. He was convicted of murder, but won an appeal. He died of cancer in 1967, before the case was retried.The decision to release the material was praised by Gerald Posner, a lawyer and expert on the Kennedy assassination, who said that even if the transcript turned out to be a fake — “more entertaining than illuminating,” as he put it — historians would probably benefit from seeing contemporary documents related to the investigation.No matter what they contain, Mr. Posner said, the documents were almost certain to feed conspiracy theories. “And if it turns out they are innocuous,” he added, “people will say they must have destroyed the most incriminating documents.”Less than a mile away, vacationing families were celebrating Presidents’ Day by peering at the grassy knoll, now mostly bare dirt, from which conspiracy enthusiasts say a second gunman fired at Kennedy. Visitors there said they were aware of the new trove, but did not expect it to end the controversy.“There’s always going to be a theory,” said Donald E. Knox of Baltimore, here to attend a cheerleading competition with his daughter Samantha, 16, and wife, Sandra.About 1,500 people a day visit the Sixth Floor Museum, which was celebrating its 19th anniversary Monday with a chocolate-and-vanilla cake in the lobby.“A lot of people come here believing they can solve the complex details of this story,” said Nicola J. Longford, the museum’s executive director, adding that she would be delighted if the district attorney turned the trove over to her curators.The conspiracy debate continued to rage just outside the museum, where Roseanne Sande, 77, of Spokane, Wash., and her friend Mary Ann Thompson, 72, of Prescott, Ariz., stood on the corner preparing to enter.“Crazy things happen, and Oswald was crazy,” said Ms. Thompson, who said she believed that Oswald had acted alone.Her friend disagreed. “I think it was a conspiracy, I really do,” Ms. Sande said. “I’ve never had a good feeling about this, and I just can’t get it out of my mind.”

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