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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Success in Iraq Possible so is future actions in Iran

Iraq Briefing 19 November 2007
ADM Micheal Mullen's Briefings 20/11/2007

Success in Iraq Possible
WASHINGTON - Success is possible in Iraq, a senior Army commander there said today based on progress he has seen since his recent return to the country.
IED Attacks Down Significantly; Enemy Being Pushed North
WASHINGTON - Initiatives taken in Iraq over the past 11 months have reduced improvised-explosive-device attacks dramatically and sent the enemy scrambling, Multinational Corps Iraq's deputy commander for support told reporters in Baghdad today.
Iraqi Contractor Sees Hope Become Reality
BAGHDAD - The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is overseeing 541 projects valued at $2 billion in a variety of areas in Iraq, including renovating hospitals and schools, installing new water and sewer lines, electrical generation, new water and wastewater treatment plants, bridges and road paving.
Coalition Forces Kill 2, Detain 12 Terrorists in Iraq
WASHINGTON - Coalition forces killed two terrorists and detained 12 suspects during operations today targeting terrorist networks in central and northern Iraq.Nov 18, 2007, Grant Swank, Jr.
U.S., Iraqi Efforts Reduce Violence in Eastern Baghdad
WASHINGTON - Surge-supplied U.S. and Iraqi security forces have contributed to a marked decrease of insurgent-committed violence in eastern Baghdad, a senior U.S. military officer said here today.Nov 18, 2007,
Officials Believe Iran Has Stemmed Weapons Flow Into Iraq
WASHINGTON - Recent weapons cache finds in Iraq indicate that the Iranian government is living up to its promise to Iraqi leaders to stem the flow of weapons across the border into Iraq, a senior U.S. general in Baghdad told reporters today.Nov 18, 2007,
Concerned Citizens Build Stronghold in Adwaniyah
WASHINGTON - About 15 al Qaeda operatives ended up dead in Adwaniyah, Iraq, on Nov. 12, as Iraqi citizens stood strong in their town's defense, a senior military officer said today.
Troops Detain Eight Suspects, Discover Weapons in Iraq
WASHINGTON - Iraqi and coalition forces detained eight suspects and uncovered a weapons cache in Iraq over the past few days, military officials said.

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