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Friday, August 08, 2008


Sen. Joe Lieberman: Iran's Activities 'An Act of War'
Sen. Joseph Lieberman termed Iran's training of Iraqi insurgents "an act of war" in a Florida appearance Wednesday evening on behalf of Sen. John McCain's presidential campaign. more

Gemayel Accuses Iran of Using Hizbullah to Hold Lebanon Hostage
BEIRUT -- Former President Amine Gemayel said in remarks published Thursday that Lebanon was being held hostage by Iran, adding that Hizbullah's authority stretched beyond that of the Lebanese state. "Lebanon is the captive of an Iranian strategy that is being implemented by Hizbullah," Gemayel told the Arabic daily Ash-Sharq al-Awsat. more

Study Cautions Against Strike on Iran's Nuclear Facilities
A military strike against Iran's nuclear facilities would probably only delay the country's progress toward nuclear-weapons capability, according to a study that concludes that such an attack could backfire by strengthening Tehran's resolve to acquire the bomb. more

GCC Slams Iran for Attacking Arab Monarchies
RIYADH -- A senior Gulf official on Thursday slammed an Iranian deputy minister for questioning the legitimacy of pro-Western Arab monarchies in the region, saying such remarks can only fuel tensions. more

Dubya's Unwise Gift To The Mullahs
The State Department will reportedly soon announce the opening of an Interests Office in Tehran. It may prove to be a major mistake. more

Daughter Not Bahai, Says Ebadi
TEHRAN -- Iran's Nobel peace laureate Shirin Ebadi has denied a state media report that her daughter had converted from Islam to the outlawed Bahai faith and suggested it was prompted by her legal defence work. more

The Iran-Iraq war was an inevitable and tragic conflict of will and ideology. Since its outbreak in September 1980, its aftermath had shattered the future of the whole region that sits on the largest proven reserves of oil and contributes over 30 per cent to the world economy and finance. The regional predicament had deepened ever since and that war had bred others and undermined the future of several nations.

By Dr Abdul-Hadi Al-Timimi

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