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Thursday, July 03, 2008

News Now -

Bush Keeps Up Pressure on Iran
President Bush said Wednesday that the United States still strongly preferred diplomacy as it confronts rising tensions and uncertainty over Iran, but that, as always, “all options are on the table.” more

No Proxy War with Iran
Israel and the United States are starting to look like two anxious children trying to decide how to deal with a schoolyard bully, Iran. Each appears to be whispering encouragement to the other to go kick the bully in the shins, but each is so terrified of the consequences that neither wants to go first. more

He's No Decider, He's a Ditherer
Conventional wisdom holds that George W. Bush's foreign policy failed because the president -- who famously called himself "the decider" -- is too, well, decisive. Bush's reckless, impulsive decision to invade Iraq, the argument goes, opened the door for Iran's ascendancy, distracted the United States from pursuing al-Qaeda more effectively in Afghanistan and Pakistan, diverted Western attention from a worsening relationship with Russia and so on. more

U.S. Military Chief Warns Against Any Attack on Iran
At a news conference, Admiral Mike Mullen refused to reveal any substance from his recent meetings in Israel, which came shortly after Israeli forces had conducted an extensive exercise that many interpreted as preparation for an air strike on Iran's nuclear facilities. But Admiral Mullen warned that any "destabilizing acts" could have unpredictable consequences, and it would be difficult for the United States to respond. more

Iran Eyes Death Penalty For Web Crimes
TEHRAN -- The Iranian parliament is set to debate a draft bill that could see the death penalty used for those deemed to promote corruption, prostitution and apostasy on the Internet. MPs voted yesterday to discuss as a priority the bill that seeks to "toughen punishment for harming mental security in society." In addition to such crimes as rape and armed robbery, for which the death penalty is already applicable, it includes "establishing Weblogs and sites promoting corruption, prostitution and apostasy." Under Iranian law, the standard punishments for these crimes are "hanging, amputation of the right hand and then the left foot as well as exile." more

Iran Seizes Four Saudi Boats Near Bushehr Nuclear Plant
Iran seized four Saudi fishing boats Thursday with a crew of 17 Indians on board in Persian Gulf waters near its controversial first nuclear power plant. more

Iran Will Consider Any Action Against Nuclear Facilities as Start of War
TEHRAN, Iran -- Iran's official news agency says the country would consider any military action against its nuclear facilities as the beginning of a war. more

Wives Outnumber Singles in Tehran Sex Trade
Tehran -- More married women are involved in sex-work in Tehran than single females, while the age of those working has come down and now ranges from 15 upwards, Iran's Sarmayeh newspaper said on Wednesday quoting academic research. more

Peace Laureate Urges Iran, U.S.: Work it Out
TEHRAN, Iran -- Nobel laureate Shirin Ebadi urged Iran and the United States yesterday to find a peaceful resolution to the standoff over Tehran’s nuclear program, warning that military action would harm both countries’ people. more

The U.S. military's top officer warned Wednesday that an Israeli airstrike against Iran would make the Middle East more unstable and could add to the stress on overworked American forces in the region. The comments by Navy Adm. Michael G. Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, came days after he visited Israel and amid growing international concern that Jerusalem is actively considering such an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities.
By Peter Spiegel
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