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Monday, June 16, 2008

IRAN - The latest News - The last warnings...

"Hit us and we shall hit you ten times harder!" This is how General Muhammad-Ali Jaafari, the newly appointed commander-in-chief of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) has responded to speculation about a possible attack by the United States and/or Israel on Iran's nuclear installations.

By Amir Taheri

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Brown Announces EU Sanctions for Iran
European governments will agree today to freeze the assets of Iran's biggest bank as part of a tightening of sanctions over Tehran's nuclear programme, Gordon Brown announced this morning.

Bush, Brown Talks to Focus on Iran
LONDON -- United States President George W. Bush was greeted with noisy protests Sunday as he headed for talks with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown notably on Iran, while both sides vigorously denied any rift over Iraq.

Students Protest Sexual Harassment in Iran University
TEHRAN -- Thousands of university students in an Iranian city have held a protest against the attempted sexual harassment of a female colleague by a top university official, the press reported on Monday

Iran Police Crackdown on Un-Islamic Dress
Iranian police have launched a more extensive crackdown on "social corruption" such as women flouting Islamic dress codes, the Farhang-e Ashti newspaper reported. "In its wider crackdown which has started from Saturday, police will confront those who appear in public in an indecent way and will also seal off shops selling un-Islamic dress," the newspaper quoted an unnamed police official as saying

Iran and North Korea May Have Bought Nuclear Missile Blueprints
WASHINGTON -- American and international investigators say that they have found the electronic blueprints for an advanced nuclear weapon on computers that belonged to the nuclear smuggling network run by Abdul Qadeer Khan, the rogue Pakistani nuclear scientist, but that they have not been able to determine whether they were sold to Iran or the smuggling ring’s other customers.

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