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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

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Iran, Not al-Sadr, Leading Shi'a Attacks In Iraq
March 26, 2008 Threat Watch
As Shi’a militias and armed groups strike out at US and Iraqi targets from Baghdad to Basra, it is curious to note how many news reports attribute the attacks to Muqtada al-Sadr, either directly or indirectly. Rocket attacks on the U.S.-protected Green Zone may carry a message with implications across Iraq: rising anger within the Mahdi Army militia.The Shiite fighters led by anti-American cleric Muqtada al-Sadr are reorganizing their ranks, taking delivery of new weapons from Iran and ramping up complaints about crackdowns by U.S. and Iraqi forces that could unravel the Mahdi Army’s self-declared cease-fire, according to militia commanders.But Muqtada al-Sadr was sidelined from any command by Iran weeks ago. There are no attributions of direct quotes, commands or comment from Muqtada since the Shi’a militia uprising began in earnest. And there is a very simple explanation for this: The puppet has had his strings cut. Iran is calling the shots. The fact that his note exists is far more important than its specific wording.
“So far I did not succeed either to liberate Iraq or make it an Islamic society — whether because of my own inability or the inability of society, only God knows,” Sadr wrote.“The continued presence of the occupiers, on the one hand, and the disobedience of many on the other, pushed me to isolate myself in protest. I gave society a big proportion of my life. Even my body became weaker, I got more sicknesses.”In reality, the continued presence of his Iranian masters pushed him to isolate himself. Iran has changed other leadership positions and oriented other terrorist groups toward field operational leadership and away from political leadership. The IRGC commander was changed. Hizballah’s military command was stripped from Nasrallah and handed to sheikh Naim Qasim in the Bekaa Valley. And Hamas is effectively run by al-Qassam Brigades military commander Ahmed Jabari in Gaza, not Khalid Meshaal in Damascus nor Ismail Haniyeh in Gaza City.As such, the militarily incompetent Muqtada al-Sadr has been yanked from control of the Mahdi Army. We are seeing the natural and intended progression of this change in Iraq today.The shelling of the ‘Green Zone’ (or International Zone) in Baghdad in coordination with attacks throughout southern Iraq from Basra to Baghdad are not a reaction to an al-Sadr decision any more than they are the effects of his military leadership and command. They are the fruits of Iranian labor.The rockets used in the Green Zone attacks “were Iranian-provided, Iranian-made rockets,” General Petraeus said. Can we dismiss this from the most successful US commander in Iraq since the conflict began? Further, is it wise to also dismiss the trend of Iranian command changes across the board to operational ground commanders? And, is it wise to forget that Muqtada al-Sadr announced his seclusion and withdrawal from command (at the behest of his Iranian masters)?In order to minimize or dismiss Iran’s guiding hand in the fighting in Iraq, one must do all of these things. And this is completely illogical. Completely.Yet, so desperate some seem to avoid any conflict with Iran, they ignore that fact that Iran has already chosen the conflict, whether we like it or not.It is an ‘Inconvenient Truth.’

Petraeus: Iran 'behind Green Zone Attack'

The most senior US general in Iraq has said he has evidence that Iran was behind Sunday's bombardment of Baghdad's heavily fortified Green Zone. Gen David Petraeus told the BBC he thought Tehran had trained, equipped and funded insurgents who fired the barrage of mortars and rockets.

Iran 'behind Green Zone attack' BBC

Hezbollah Improves Rocket Arsenal

Was polonium-210 being smuggled for a dirty bomb? Online Journal

Cheney Disputes Iran's Nuclear Goals
BEIRUT -- Vice President Dick Cheney charged in an interview released Tuesday that Iran is trying to develop weapons-grade uranium, though international inspectors and U.S. intelligence services have not found evidence of such an effort

Senator Hails U.S. Ban on UK Firm that Sold to Iran
WASHINGTON -- The head of the Senate Banking Committee on Monday hailed a Commerce Department decision to suspend the export privileges of a British company that had illegally shipped three U.S.-made aircraft to Iran and was preparing to send it three more.

US 'deploys Nuclear Sub To Persian Gulf'

An American nuclear submarine has crossed the Suez Canal to join the US fleet stationed in the Persian Gulf, Egyptian sources say.

Chris Floyd: Still Not Worried? Petraeus Blames Iran For Green Zone Attack

Let's be clear. This is an administration that claims the right to go to war on the merest suspicion that some evil foreign entity might attack Americans at some time in some way. This is an administration that has already acted on this deranged--but oh-so-war-profitable--"national defense strategy." An administration that specifically named Iran as a dire threat in the most recent version of this official strategy.

Petraeus & Crocker Plan To Bush: Troop Levels In Iraq To Remain High Through 2008.

Today, Gen. David Petraeus and Amb. Ryan Crocker presented plans to President Bush recommending that troop levels in Iraq "remain nearly the same through 2008 as at any time during five years of war." The New York Times reports that it "now appears likely that any decision on major reductions in American troops from Iraq will be left to the next president."

The Woman Who Nearly Stopped The Iraq War

Of all the stories told on the 5th anniversary of the Iraq War, there is one important episode that took place during the build-up to the conflict that has gone largely unreported. On Friday 31 January 2003 a request from the US government for an intelligence "surge" at the UN. The aim, according to the email, was to give the US "the edge" in negotiations for a crucial resolution to give authorisation for an illegal Iraq war

Watch Online PBS: Bush's War: A 4-Hour Special Pre-9/11 Til Now

The gangs all here: Rummy, Wolfy, Rice, Powell, Armitage, Clarke, Cheney, Bush, Rove, and the other Iraq Neocon Chickhawk Criminals of War. Watch online here.

Pentagon Report: No Evidence Of Saddam Attempt To Assassinate Bush

Newsweek reports that the same Pentagon report that has essentially disproved an Iraq-al Qaeda link also calls into question the 1993 plot (to assassinate former president George H. W. Bush while in Kuwait) which spurred former President Bill Clinton to launch a Tomahawk cruise-missle strike against Saddam's Iraqi Intelligence Service, may be another tenuous allegation made against Saddam by current President George W. Bush.

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