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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Peanut Carter and his crimes against Iranians - The US has a lot of explaining to do - WE WILL NOT FORGET

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A music for Iran-e-man TV in Portland Oregon featuring Saadi Nikoo

Protest Closure of Iranian Women's Magazine

With parliamentary elections around the corner in Iran, the free press and the right to freedom of expression are increasingly under fire. Last week, the authorities shut down Zanan, the country's premier women's magazine. President Ahmadinejad said that Zanan showed Iranian women in a "black light" and was a threat to the psychological well being of Iranian society. Zanan had long argued that the legal discrimination suffered by women in Iran is not mandated by Islamic law and that therefore it can and should be changed.

Join us in demanding that Iran:
Cancel the order to close the magazine and reinstate its press license.
Ensure the safety of the staff of Zanan.
Urge all branches of the government to respect the right to freedom of expression and the importance of a free and independent press. Visit the web address below to tell your friends about this important case.
Click Here to Take Action>> Learn more about this case>> Tell-a-friend!

A corrupção moral da sociedade pelos Marxistas

وبلاگ دانشجويان الکترونيك دانشگاه گيلان
کمتر کسي است که بداند در ايران باستان، از بيست قرن پيش از ميلاد، روزي موسوم به روز عشق بوده است! جالب است بدانيد که اين روز در تقويم جديد ايراني دقيقا مصادف است با 29 بهمن، يعني تنها 3 روز پس از والنتاين فرنگي! اين روز "سپندار مذگان" نام داشته است. فلسفه بزرگداشتن اين روز به عنوان "روز عشق" به اين صورت بوده است که در ايران باستان هر ماه را سي روز حساب ميکردند و علاوه بر اينکه ماهها اسم داشتند، هر يک از روزهاي ماه نيز يک نام داشتند. بعنوان مثال روز اول "روز اهورا مزدا"، روز دوم، روز بهمن (سلامت، انديشه) که نخستين صفت خداوند است، روز سوم ارديبهشت يعني "بهترين راستي و پاکي" که باز از صفات خداوند است، روز چهارم شهريور يعني "شاهي و فرمانروايي آرماني" که خاص خداوند است و روز پنجم "سپندار مذ" بوده است. سپندار مذ لقب ملي زمين است. يعني گستراننده، مقدس، فروتن. زمين نماد عشق است چون با فروتني، تواضع و گذشت به همه عشق ميورزد. زشت و زيبا را به يک چشم مينگرد و همه را چون مادري در دامان پرمهر خود امان ميدهد. به همين دليل در فرهنگ باستان اسپندار مذگان را بعنوان نماد عشق ميپنداشتند. در هر ماه، يک بار، نام روز و ماه يکي ميشده است که در همان روز که نامش با نام ماه مقارن ميشد، جشني ترتيب ميدادند متناسب با نام آن روز و ماه. مثلا شانزدهمين روز هر ماه مهر نام داشت و که در ماه مهر، "مهرگان" لقب ميگرفت. همين طور روز پنجم هر ماه سپندار مذ يا اسفندار مذ نام داشت که در ماه دوازدهم سال که آن هم اسفندار مذ نام داشت، جشني با همين عنوان ميگرفتند. سپندار مذگان جشن زمين و گرامي داشت عشق است که هر دو در کنار هم معنا پيدا ميکردند. در اين روز زنان به شوهران خود با محبت هديه ميدادند. مردان نيز زنان و دختران را بر تحت شاهي نشانده، به آنها هديه داده و از آنها اطاعت ميکردند. ملت ايران از جمله ملتهايي است که زندگي اش با جشن و شادماني پيوند فراواني داشته است، به مناسبتهاي گوناگون جشن ميگرفتند و با سرور و شادماني روزگار ميگذرانده اند. اين جشنها نشان دهنده فرهنگ، نحوه زندگي، خلق و خوي، فلسفه حيات و کلاً جهانبيني ايرانيان باستان است. از آنجايي که ما با فرهنگ باستاني خود ناآشناييم شکوه و زيبايي اين فرهنگ با ما بيگانه شده است. براي اينکه ملتي در تفکر عقيم شود، بايد هويت فرهنگي تاريخي را از او گرفت. فرهنگ مهمترين عامل در حيات، رشد، بالندگي يا نابودي ملتها است. هويت هر ملتي در تاريخ آن ملت نهاده شده است. اقوامي که در تاريخ از جايگاه شامخي برخوردارند، کساني هستند که توانسته اند به شيوه مؤثرتري خود، فرهنگ و اسطوره هاي باستاني خود را معرفي کنند و حيات خود را تا ارتفاع يک افسانه بالا برند. آنچه براي معاصرين و آيندگان حائز اهميت است، عدد افراد يک ملت و تعداد سربازاني که در جنگ کشته شده اند نيست! بلکه ارزشي است که آن ملت در زادخانه فرهنگي بشريت دارد.


The late Shah of Iran lost his throne twice, once to falsely lauded "nationalist" Dr. Mossadegh (acting on behalf of the Soviets) and the second time, again on behalf of the Soviets, orchestrating it from their Tehran Embassy, to the Marxist-Islamists Mojaheddin & Fedayeen, from whom the Mullahs usurped it.

Old "Mossyface" as many called Mossadegh, always pretended to be ill and even received foreign dignitaries when he was Prime Minister lying on an army cot or wrapped in a military blanket. In the video below, he drags his "ill" persona into court for his trial, the poor little victim. Then forgets his role and jumps up and down gesticulating in excitement. He was sentenced by the Shah's courts to only THREE YEARS in prison for plotting and conducting the overthrow of the legal monarchy, whereas those who now rule (Mullahs) thanks to peanut Carter, have been executing (hanging) someone convicted of having been caught having consumed alcoholic drinks THREE TIMES. The first time, if very lucky, he gets some physical abuse, a warning and perhaps some prison time, the second time the standard 80 lashes and the third time he/she HANGS by the neck till dead. Interesting to note: nearly all supply of illegal drugs and alcohol to the Iranian populace is a virtual monopoly of the Mullahs and their henchmen.
As interesting a factoid is the absolutely false claim by Mossy's supporters , then and now, of Mossy having a nationalistic "democracy" in mind. To the contrary, he brooked no argument nor advice from anyone and was an absolute dictator in running his government by virtual decree. Finally, overthrowing the Constitution to make it easier to rule this way and favor the Soviets, something the Shah strongly opposed. Never was it on behalf of the people.
As one of his major Socialist/Communist supporters admitted recently, the political "freedom" they demanded of the Shah was not for the populace but for their own, "imported" Soviet philosphy and freedom to have a Communist Iran.
Even today, "Soviet" Putin has some 50,000 Russian advisors inside Iran, every Islamic government agency or office seems to have one attached to it. Providing a revenue of some $100 million a MONTH to Russia, the way Mexicans, legal or otherwise, send money home from the USA.
An example of Mossy's absolute control was when one of the Farmanfarmaian family (of the pre-Pahlavi, Qajar dynasty) suggested that he follow the example of another country which was making huge profits from the way it handled its oil. Instead of listening, the highly irritable, suddenly incensed Prime Minister considered the advice as criticism, threw the man out of his office and later ordered his arrest! Fearing for his life, this member of a prominent family ran to the Shah and asked for a passport with which to leave the country before Mossy caused him grievous harm. The next day, on the monarch's orders, a military Colonel brought a passport and escorted the man to the airport and ensured his safe passage out of the country. Bad, bad, Shah! Poor, kind, democratic, nationalist Mossy! What nonsense.Mossy was about to hand Iran and its oil to Soviet control and a path to warm waters for their navy and the USA and the West removed him before he could achieve his aims and rescued Iran from total Soviet domination. So it was again the bad, bad Shah's fault! Had the West not restored him to the throne, history would have been very different for Western interests and the well being of Iran's populace (minus the pro-Soviet . Communist Tudeh party), who continued to plot the overthrow of the government on behalf of the Soviets, often ending up in prison for sedition. Had idiot Carter, considered by more than you might know, as a Soviet mole, not again destabilized the Shah, we would not be facing ANY of the Islamic problems that threaten us today and might even end up destroying us.


Iran: Historical Treasure

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