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Friday, January 25, 2008

"Use of Saffron in 90 illnesses over four millennia"

“The Oxford Journal”

"Saffron extract, crocin and safranal exhibited significant radical scavenging activity and thus antioxidant activity."

Saffron is an all natural ancient herbal remedy and the most expensive spice on earth.
For mind, body and soul!
- Saffron: The most potent antioxidant and preventive herb in the world is now available in a tiny tablet. Saffron's medicinal purposes have been revolutionary, and now it is universally available and affordable.

Virtues of Saffron & Traditional Uses Include:
Better mood for the mind, body and soul
Anti-depressant and relaxant
Prolonging vitality
Anti cancer & tumor Agent
For Laughter
Curing respiratory problems
Stimulating circulation
Aphrodisiac for Impotency….. Natural Viagra
Reduce cholesterol
Treating alcoholism
For hangover
Treating acne and skin diseases
Used in medicines that reduce inflammation
For treating menstrual disorders (PMS)
Take a pinch or 2 tablets a day for 6 to 8 weeks for best results.

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Surprising Saffron : by Amy Paturel, MS, MPH : Article from:

There's more to these delicate strands than you'd expect. New research shows saffron can boost your mood. It's the most expensive spice on Earth, and for good reason. It takes up to 75,000 handpicked blossoms each with only 3 strands of saffron to make just 1 pound of the high-maintenance ingredient. Why bother? Not only can a few threads add intense color and bold, honey-like flavor to an otherwise drab dish, but new research also shows that saffron offers plenty of unexpected health benefits, such as alleviating depression and even preventing cancer.People who got 30 milligrams of saffron a day for 6 weeks reported the same improvement in their depression symptoms as those who received 20 milligrams of fluoxetine (a.k.a. Prozac), according to a preliminary study in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology. Saffron enhances the activity of (mood-boosting) neurotransmitters such as norepinephrine and dopamine, says Shahin Akhondzadeh-Basti, a clinical neuropsychopharmacology professor at Roozbeh Psychiatric Hospital in Tehran, Iran, the oldest academic psychiatric hospital in the Middle East.And in another recent study published in Cancer Detection and Prevention, researchers touted saffron's antitumor and cancer-preventive benefits. The spice is rich in antioxidants such as crocin, a carotenoid that helps prevent the spread and growth of cancer.If you've never given saffron a shot because it's expensive ($8 to $12 per gram) or you don't know how to use it, then it's time to rethink this potent spice. For best results, opt for saffron threads rather than powder (powdered saffron can taste medicinal and may be diluted with cheaper spices like turmeric). Store it in a cool, dark place or in your freezer for up to 2 years. Toast the threads in a dry pan for a few seconds, or rub them between your hands to release saffron's aroma and oils before steeping them in hot water, advises Joyce Goldstein, a food consultant and cookbook author of Saffron Shores (Chronicle Books, 2002).For every teaspoon of saffron in a recipe, add 5 teaspoons of liquid and soak for 20 minutes. If your dish includes broth or wine, pour a little of it over the saffron before making the recipe. And to make the most of your saffron, try the following simple ideas.

(For more ideas and recipes, check out our sister publication's Web site,
Add a few threads to fish soup, chowders, bouillabaisse, or stews when you begin cooking them.
Steam mussels with saffron and orange peels.
Stir a few threads (about ¼ teaspoon) saffron into boiling water when making pasta or risotto.

"Saffron Cooking Recipes" : Click here



Anonymous said...

Thank you Bahram for leaving your comment on my blog. In regard to the point that you raised I have to say the current system of Iran is indeed more democratic than that of other states in the region, particularly that of Arabic kingdoms. Mr. Khatami's statement about the extent of democracy in Islamic Republic of Iran was therefore comparatively. If He or Reformists believed the current system was 100% democratic, they would not call for reforming it to make it more democratic.

Bahramerad said...

Khatami, like you, is a lire" more democratic" - does not make sense. It's only to deceive the ignorant. A SYSTEM IS EITHER DEMOCRATIC OR NOT - you cannot have be "more" or "less" of a democratic system of government.
If people are allowed to select their own representatives to represent their views in a parliament which is elected in an independent, and a free election process and which can then pass laws that are enacted by the free and independent government chosen by these very representative, then that system is Democratic - since if people do not agree with the laws passed by any current Government or parliament, it can be changed by the will of the people and other laws pass instead of them in the next election.
Now tell me which part of the Islamic Republic of Idiots is democratic?
Anyway - Mullah's lie as part of their religion - Do not trust any thing that that idiot says. he is a laughing stock of the whole world. while his own friends are being denied the right to participate in an election -oppss ---sorry -- a SELECTION--- he is defending the Bloody Fascist mullah Taleban regime by calling it Half a Democracy.... HE SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF HIS LYING FACE AND SHUT UP AND GO TO HELL - HE CAN AMUSE HIS TEACHER - kHOMAINI WITH THESE BULLSHIT - we have had enough of him.