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Sunday, December 21, 2008

We address you" …………." , in order to let you know that we have lodged a complaint about the violation of the human rights in Iran.

جنبشِ سياسی- اجتماعیِ پيروانِ نظامِ مشروطه به پادشاهی رضاشاه دوم

Nr. 4 / date 20.12.2008

Dear representatives of the international organization

This address does not refer to facts that are new or unknown to you, in fact it is a way of asking for your direct involvement into and awareness about the barbarian and inhuman procedures enforced on the Iranian people by the Tehran regime.
Hereby we lodge a complaint and ask to have the Islamic regime in Iran to be tried and convicted by the international Courts for the violation of the fundamental rights and freedoms, both individual and social, in Iran.

De facto, our request relies on the following motivations:
We state below some of the indictments rooted in the Black Book of the Islamic ruling in Iran:

1. The international terrorism: The dictatorial Iranian regime (this human cancer) extended its claws outside the country`s borders, by its participation in and support to the international terrorism. The international impact of the political regime in Iran (the Islamic Republic of Iran) since its coming to power (in 1979), a regime that caused:
- The war between Iran and Iraq;
- The warfare that consumes Israel, Palestine and Lebanon was enhanced by the support provided by the Iranian regime to the Hezbolah and Hamas groups, but not only;
- The attack on the U.S. Embassy in Tehran resulting in hostages taken among the staff of the American embassy;
- Weaker or even interrupted diplomatic relations with the democratic countries;
- The ideology embodied by this regime became a symbol for other countries or groups and gave birth to religious fanaticism which was supplemented by internal and international terrorism, all of them leading to international instability. The ideas emerging in countries such as Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Palestine, Afghanistan, Turkey, Pakistan etc. resulted in new fanatical regimes or groups impacting adversely on the national, regional and inrenational security. The support to the armed groups in Afghanistan, but not only, has its roots in the establishment of the dictatorial regime in Iran;
- The terrorist attack on the Jewish Center in Argentine, as well as other assaults against the interests and embassies of the democratic countries;
- The Iran’s negative involvement in creating a conflicting situation in the area of the Indian Kashmir, so that there is a real danger for a war between India and Pakistan to break out;
- Iran accepted and even welcomed on its territory the members of the Al Kaida and Taliban terrorist groups.We wish to point out that over thousands families in Palestine, whose members joined the terrorist actions directed against Israel, mostly through criminal and fanatic bomb attacks near the Alghods mosque are backed up by the Iranian dictatorship which provides lodgings, monthly salaries and other benefits (health insurance, social welfare a.s.o.) to these members. Apart from that, the dictatorial regime in Iran will keep on supporting – through its criminal policy – any other terrorist actions carried out by other individuals or families than the ones already mentioned, a fact stated by the manager of the Boniad Shahid Organization in Iran, also declared by Khamenei, the spiritual leader.
2. The internal terrorism: Let`s not forget the other face of terrorism, whose actions are manifest in killings and tortures, while imposing its criminal rules on its own people.
The internal terrorism turned Iran into the country with the highest rate of death sentences and political prisoners who are tortured, on and on, in their prisons.

3. Jails crowded with political prisoners, people whose beliefs are different from those of the dictatorial regime in Iran;

4. Death penalties – mostly for political reasons – as well as inhuman death executions: shooting, hanging, stoning to death, torture, all of them perpetrated on the public domain (squares, stadiums) with a view to causing fear and terror among the population and preventing any popular action against the regime;

5. Death sentences whose execution is both inquisitorial and inhuman: cudgel blows, limbs cut off …;

6. Terrorist operations conducted against the people opposing the regime;

7. Torture, in the full sense of the word and in all its forms (physical and mental), of the arrested people for various reasons, also as a means of making the prisoners acknowledge the perpetration of deeds they had not committed;

8. Wide spreading and deepening of serious social problems that did not exist before the regime in power now: poverty, starvation, the cultural squalor, Islamic radicalism and terrorist fanaticism, prostitution, drug addiction, unemployment (in excess of 60 %), high divorce rates, family abandon;

9. Coming to power of mob groups, the robbery of national treasures in their own interest;

10. Establishment of a regime under the title and name of the Islamic Republic, which is nothing else but a flagrant breaker of the human rights – is another proof of the human rights infringement, as both religion and faith represent a direct connection between Man and his Creator, a link that does not require a go-between, an intermediary (shouls it be a political regime or a specific party) that interferes with their spiritual relation. In fact, there are several worships (religions) in every country, so that naming a country after a single religion is nothing else but a violation of the rights enjoyed by the people who embraced other cults (religions) in that country, the same as country names such as the Christian Republic, the Jewish Republic or the Buddhist Republic cannot be accepted;

11. The dictatorial and inhuman interference of the regime with the private life of the person, of the family and of the society as well, through violation of the basic individual rights – imposed faith and religion, as shown by the name of the regime itself (Islamic Republic);

12. Disrespect of the natural and elementary right to proper nourishment, the right to drink water and to smoke – for instance, during the fast (the Ramezan) when all restaurants are forced to shut down and people are forbidden to feed themselves or drink water;

13. Interdiction upon listening to music and drastic sanctions imposed for any breach (even the drivers are controlled and sanctioned if they have audio cassettes in their cars);

14. Dressing code – the individuals are forbidden to dress as they wish and like to, or to wear clothes in vivid colors (this is valid for women in the first place), while men cannot wear ties;

15. The normal relations between the people of opposite gender, either in private or in society are forbidden and punished – a situation which is also manifest by the mandatory separation of the schools for girls from the schools for boys; separation of places in the public transportation (buses, trolley-buses, subway…): the women sit in the rear half of the transport means, while men sit in front…;

16. Interdiction to care for and keep pets (dogs, cats…);

17. Ban of any holidays and anniversaries (birthdays…) celebrated with music and dancing;

18. Interdiction to celebrate the major events of the national and cultural tradition of the Iranian people (the New Year…);

19. The candidates to universities are accepted based on their affiliation or of their family affiliation with the radical religious groups in power: the intellectual capacity and level of knowledge of the candidates are not taken into account.

De jure, our claim is motivated by the uncontestable violation of the international legal provisions on human rights (the European Convention of Human Rights, the Bill of Rights and other relevant conventions).
We emphasize that these cases are endless and all the aspects we have mentioned above are only a part of the wrongdoings that this regime made against the Iranian people, a situation that not only stopped Iran from its pace towards development, towards a real and modern democracy, but pushed it back hundreds years ago.
As a result, milions Iranian people escaped from their country in search of freedom, while about 3,000,000 of them are refugees.
These facts and many other are the reasons why we lodge this complaint against the dictatorial State, the supporter of domestic and international terrorism.
We turn to you because we rely on your honor, on the responsibilities resulting from your international position, in search of respect for human rights.

This complaint was send to : The international organization
1) UNHCHR , Human rights complaints
2) ------------ , Human rights committee
3) ------------ , Committee against torture
4) ------------ , Publications
5) Commission on human rights
6) Committee on the elimination of discrimination against women
7) International Court of Justice
8) Human Rights Watch (HRW) London, Los Angeles, Washington, New York
9) World Organization Against Torture
And also to : Media
1) The Newyork Times
2) Washington Post
3) Le Monde
4) Euro News
5) CNN
6) US. News
7) Time
8) Houston Chronical
9) Chicago Sun – Times
10) Fox News

The central politicals office : - fax : +1.818.4747474

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