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Friday, December 12, 2008

Latest news

U.S. Plans Nuclear Pact With U.A.E.
The U.S. plans to sign its first nuclear-cooperation agreement with a Middle Eastern nation. Critics say the deal could fuel regional nuclear proliferation.

Gates to Place More Troops in Afghanistan
Defense Secretary Gates said NATO and the United Nations have failed to provide enough resources to Afghanistan.
Discuss: Should troop levels be increased in Afghanistan?

Pakistan Turns Up the Heat on Lashkar
Pakistan arrested leaders and closed the offices of Jamaat-ud-Dawa, the parent of the militant group Lashkar that India blames for the Mumbai terror attacks.
Copycat Attacks Feared After Mumbai
Complete Coverage: Terror in Mumbai
Taiwan Prosecutors Indict Ex-President
Prosecutors indicted former Taiwan President Chen Shui-bian on graft charges Friday after holding him in custody for a month to investigate money laundering and other corruption allegations against him.
Top Officials Cited in Abuse of Detainees
Abuse of detainees in U.S. custody was a direct result of decisions by top administration officials, according to a bipartisan Senate report.
Report summary

EU Focuses on Climate, Stimulus
EU leaders pressed toward agreement on a long-planned climate-change accord and tried to craft a unified approach to fiscal-stimulus packages across Europe.

Belgians Arrest 14 Islamist Militants
Belgian police fearing an imminent terrorist attack arrested 14 Islamic militants, some with links to radicals in Pakistan and Afghanistan.
North Korea Diplomacy Hits Impasse
Bush administration efforts to dismantle North Korea's nuclear weapons-program stalled, likely leaving Obama with another foreign-policy challenge to address.
Greek Riots Spark Protests Across Europe
Sporadic violence persisted amid Greece's worst rioting in decades. There were signs the unrest was spreading as violence erupted in several other countries.
IMF Says Ukraine Has Made Progress
The head of the IMF's mission to Ukraine hailed the country's first steps to revive its economy, saying it had absorbed a traumatic currency devaluation.

Pakistan Targets Islamic Group
Pakistan says it has detained leaders and closed the offices of the parent organization of Lashkar, the group blamed for the Mumbai attacks, and the U.N. imposed financial sanctions against the group.

Suicide Bomber Kills 55 in Iraq
A suicide bomber struck inside a popular restaurant near the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk, killing at least 25 people and wounding dozens more.

Zimbabwe Officials Plan New Party
Several senior ruling party officials in Zimbabwe said they would launch a breakaway party this weekend. Robert Mugabe, in a rare concession, said that he would accept new elections.
Thai Parliament to Elect a Leader
Thailand's Parliament will meet to elect a new prime minister, confirming that its king backed a Democrat Party request to hold the session.

Hebei Tanker Officers Convicted
Shipowners and shipping industry trade groups strongly criticized a South Korean appellate court ruling that led to the jailing of two officers of an oil tanker struck by a barge a year ago, leading to the country's worst oil spill.

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