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Friday, December 05, 2008

Fellow compatriots

This is message to descendants of Cyrus who gather every year by his resting place and chant “Rest for we are awake” is offered by Maani a poet and scholar.
Maani was born in Hagmatana city of Cyrus the Great first victory who said :

“…I prohibited slavery and brought an end to misery. I proclaim for all to be
free to worship as they wish and no one be harassed. I command not to harm
the citizens of nation…”

Mirza Agha Asgari (Mani)

The Achaemendis Cyrus is the greatest and most outstanding political personality in the long history of Iran (Persia). His greatness is not due to expanding the Achaemendis Empire; it is due to his out look to the social coexistence among the then various nations, as well as due to his declaration of Human Rights, and his stead fastness to put it into practice. The greatness of Cyrus is due to his respecting other religions, gods, and the customs of all the people, that he conquered their lands. Cyrus the Great difference with other Kings, Caliphs and by gone political leaders was that, where ever he conquered, left the inhabitants of the conquered lands to pursue and preserve their own religious beliefs, even though he worshiped one god concept of (Mazda), he paid visits to the biggest temples of other religions, while respecting their gods. He never killed the Kings, the high officials or the war prisoners, of the conquered lands. He did not loot the wealth of the conquered people. He did not let his army personal to abuse women and girls of the defeated nations. He did not let any of the defeated people being taken as slaves to be bought or sold. This high characteristic of Cyrus is admitted by the western historians, though it is said that almost all of them were either enemies of Iran or at least envious of its splendor and glory. I have a long poem called “Songs of Great Cyrus” which is put together with consideration of the above statements. By making this poem, I’m not endorsing a specific form of government. What comes in this poem, apart from anything, is the reflection of the beliefs, characters, the way of life of Persians in a long history span. In fact this poem is trying to express and explore the feelings of the people who have, during the long history, been less brutal than having under gone through barbaric and brutal behavior of others. This poem consists of 80 pages, only the first page is bestowed to Iran Lovers.

The entire poem can be read in my book of poems called “A cluster of universe”

The Songs of Cyrus
Thanks to (Mazda) my creator
Cyrus the son of Mandana & Kambouzia
Opened his eyes to Alvand Mountains. At the capital of Astiac.
Before that I came to this world,
Was a huge vine tree
While asleep dreaming of heroes!
A universe with spreading branches & leaves
from east to west of this vast earth,
encompassing and corpulent,
Covering the decrees of the kings.
Spreading roots and leaves reaching to heavens
from the sun rise to the sun set,
from time before, till after
Opened his wings from the heights of Zagorsk
from Agenais till the shores of Egypt,
from Persian Gulf to the Black Sea,
from the heart of Persians and other men
in the far out vast plains, far and further
I am the Cyrus that opened the shores!
With my entourage and elder bright wise men,
such as spring that nourishes the pebbles.
With my rays of light, I enlighten the shores of the world

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