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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Latest News

Fraudulent Banking In Australia Offers A Peek At Global Bank Fraud

Fraudulent banking has been unmasked in Australia over the past 20 years and the lessons to be learned can be applied in America and Europe if not globally. A courageous senator and many whistleblowers in Australia have ripped aside the illusion of banks as pillars of the community. They show the collusion between banks, government agencies, media, and the courts to maintain a financial mafia that steals from the people daily.

Reform: Often Spoken About, Never Happens

Before Saint Sarah started getting scrutinized so closely, she rushed back to Juneau to make a few minor corrections to her expense reports so that they adequately reflected that her children were actually representing the State of Alaska and not just on a pleasure trip or because a reputable baby sitter couldn't be found. (We all know what happened when one of Palin girls selected her own "baby sitter.")

9/11 Truth Is "Splitting The Sky"

"There are over 2,800 people that were murdered on 9/11, those people are screaming out for justice. I've spent the last seven years of my life investigating who is behind 9/11 - in the quest to create the information necessary to call for intervention by apprehending these criminals and bringing them to justice." - Splitting the Sky

In Awe Of 9/11

Exposing the little men behind the worst attack on American soil in this nation's history.

The Land Of The Lazy And Home Of The Sucker

America's slid into international bully-for-hire.

The Backstory Of A GOP "Political Hit

"What would cause the Republican sleaze machine to attack a regular citizen, a "Joe Six Pack," if you will. Here's the story behind a GOP political hit.

The Idiots Who Rule America

Chris Hedges takes on our very democracy, thanks to a capitalistic society gone mad. What's the answer? Change . . . real change, that is.

Evil Is Always Defeated By Ordinary People; Not Heroes, Or Saints – Least Of All, Politicians.

Sarah Palin despicably reminds us that the Republican/fascist Party is an assassination party. This woman has sold her soul before our eyes and is seemingly trying to construct her very own Hate Party base (under the Republican umbrella) for the 2012 presidential election. McCain keeps dreaming of being an Alheizmer's God of War, while Palin uses him as a stepping stone for her own agendas. Goodness, however still lives!
By Mac McKinney

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