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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Open letter To Mr. Larry King

RE: Larry King Interview with Selected President Mahmud Ahmadinejad
On Tuesday September 23rd, 2008 selected President Mahmud Ahmadinejad appeared on Larry King Live program, and was interviewed by Larry King about the US involvement in Iraq and what was awaiting for state of Israel.

During course of interview Mr. Larry King asked selected President Mahmud Ahmadinejad that if the regime in Iran was afraid of US military strike on Iran. Ahmadinejad responded to Mr. Larry King by saying that the cleric regime was not afraid of the US military strike on Iran and it would be worst case scenario for the US. The above question of Mr. Larry King did not bear any kind of significant because it was obvious Ahmadinejad would respond to Mr. Larry King question by saying that the regime in Iran was not afraid of war. In case, Ahmadinejad would say that the regime was afraid of the war, it would demoralize the cleric's regime in this elusive nuclear stand off with the West. There was one possible question for Mr. Larry King to ask from Ahmadinejad that what was the regime's plan after military strike on Iran which would claim lives of innocent people while the key player of the regimes would be hiding in Western nations in their mansions and far away from any kind of harm? The above type of questions and answers from Ahmadinejad would illustrate that how much the regime in Iran had value for humanity. In addition, Ahmadinejad claimed that throughout history, Iran demonstrated to be a peaceful nation. It was true what Ahmadinejad was saying that Iran was a peaceful nation throughout history, which was due to Iran's monarchs that they kept Middle East in peace until 1979, but the current Islamic Republic regime had brought death, destruction, embarrassment for Iranian in international community, misery, poverty and many more international and social epidemic diseases. However, Mr. Larry King did not make any attempt to highlight above issues to Ahmadinejad. Quite frankly, it was too obvious that this interview was pre-arranged between Mr. Larry King and Ahmadinejad. Interestingly, Ahmadinejad during his interview with Mr. Larry King brought charge of blasphemy against Jewish people by claiming that Zionist people did not believe in God, and wearing mask of religion. The Sarbazan and Janbakhtegan Organization found Ahmadinejad's above statement as nerving wrecking and brought old memories back when the cleric regime formed Kangaroo Court and found member of Imperial Iranian Armed Forces guilty for spreading corruption on earth, waging war against Allah and other form of religious charges. Obviously, the regime had already found its own religious venue to justify its death and destruction of Israel. Despite above warning, Mr. Larry King failed to explore above thought of him, and allowed him to walk away from such repulsive statement.
This time Mahmud Ahmadinejad did not call for destruction of Israel by nuclear bomb because nuclear explosion would claim Palestinian people too. So, he recommended a proposal for “a free referendum in Palestine for determining and establishing the type of state in the entire Palestinian lands.”1 Mr. Larry King did not ask Ahmadinejad that what was position of Ahmadinejad to pose a referendum in another sovereign nation? Mr. Larry King did not ask Ahmadinejad that what was so big deal about Palestine except they took part in execution of Imperial Iranian Armed Forces during 1979 revolution, and when Khomeini Hendi asked Yaser Araft to assist Khomeini's war against Iraq. Yaser Araft told Khomeini that he was an Arab and Saddam Hussein was an Arab too, so he would not assist Khomeini to win this war?
Mr. Larry King illustrated keen interest about Ahmadinejad's letters to the US President George Bush which invited President George Bush for a debate, and if Ahmadinejad was interested to have alive debate with Senator John McCain or Senator Hussein Barack Obama. It was not obvious what purpose was serving here by asking Ahmadinejad if he would have a debate with any US senator? Of course, Ahmadinejad had been seeking attention for quite sometimes, and would have a debate with anyone. There were some constructive questions to pose to selected President Mahmud Ahmadinejad that why did he say in the United Nations the US in Iraq as oppressor of “Iraqis with six years of occupation, saying Americans were "still seeking to solidify their position in the political geography of the region and to dominate oil resources”?2 Also, Mr. Larry King did not asked Ahmadinejad that since he was so concern about Iraqi people than why this terminally ill and an illegitimate state in Iran had been refusing to up-holding universal declaration of human rights in Iran, and treating its own people poorly? Why the cleric regime in Iran had been using all kinds of coercive methods to suppress its own people? And overdue question would be, did Ahmadinejad took part in 1979 hostage taken of US embassy? Mr. Larry King did not bother for one second to ask above questions in order to illustrate that the regime itself had domestic issues which needed to be addressed in first place than Ahmadinejad needed to be concern about well being of Iraqi people. The bottom line, Sarbazan and Janbakhtegan Organization found this interview another form of US back room deal with the cleric regime in Iran with intention to amplify the regime's propaganda that the regime was firm on its nuclear stand off with West due to support of people in Iran since Ahmadinejad was at the U.N. While ignored all human rights violation in Iran. Also, Mr. Larry King did not to cover any real issues which were concerning international community, and simply Mr. Larry King was boasting and enhance morale of the regime in Iran which has popularity among western nations. There were a few word of advice to American citizen from Iranian-American, and asking American to look at Iranian-American life that they were forced to leave their country and adopt the US as their new home due to atrocities that the regime committed upon them, and as long as Americans are willing to play games with the regime in Iran, and presume the regime in Iran is under their control, it is totally dead wrong perception. The British regime trained the cleric regime as their master of deception, and the cleric would seek all kinds of venues to deceive Americans so Islamic Republic would flourish in the US, and signs of Islamic Revolution is exported in US is everywhere. For example, there is IMAN Foundation which has direct relation with the regime in Iran to further interest of the regime in the US, National Iranian American Council or there is Network of Iranian American Professionals of Orange County which is nest of the Islamic Republic to recruit fresh minds and brainwash these minds with hate, and hostility against American in order to remake 9/11 at higher magnitude that the American did not expect. This time, Americans would not have an opportunity to get together and prepare for a war, this time war is inside of their country and would not allow the US to last long. The US presidents have been chanting regime change for Iran, and have no clue what really Iranian want which is not a war in Iran to remove the regime. It is about cooperation with Iranian dissidents to allow them to do regime change in Iran and determine their own destiny. All above highlights means one thing, Americans are not in touch with Iranians, and as long as, Americans are walking away from Iranian dissidents it is in great advantage of the regime to isolate the US and to make the US weak and vulnerable to any kind of threat. Unless Americans begin to change this dynamic of isolation and holds hand with Iranian dissidents and to finish the regime in Iran which is nothing but an epidemic disease.
Thank you - Respectfully - Shirin Neshat

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