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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

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پنجشنبه، 23 خرداد ماه 1387 برابر با 2008 Thursday 12 June
ثبت 66 هزار مرگ غير طبيعی در كشور
خبرگزاري حکومتی فارس: رئيس سازمان پزشكي قانوني اعلام كرد: 547 هزار پرونده نزاع و درگيري و حادثه در سال 86 در اين سازمان ثبت شده است كه 66 هزار مرگ غير طبيعي ناشي از تصادف، گازگرفتگي، مسموميت، ضرب و جرح و اعتياد نيز جزء آن است.

Iran, Iraq Sign MoU On Defense Cooperation

Iran and Iraq Monday signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on defense cooperation. The MoU has called for expansion of defense cooperation between the two countries in line with harmonizing all-out ties between Tehran and Baghdad to help further bolster peace and stability in the region.
Iran Shadow Over US-Iraq Security Pact

US ambassador to Baghdad Ryan Crocker has accused Tehran of throwing a monkey wrench into the sensitive US-Iraq security discussions by trying to "complicate" them, as if the denunciation of the said accord by the Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani and numerous other leading Iraqi clergy and politicians, both Sunni and Shi'ites, has not already rendered it nearly impossible to realize.
Iran's Supreme Leader: US Dreams On Iraq Will Not Come True

Presence of occupation forces, particularly the US troops are now regarded as the main threat to the country's unity, said the Supreme Leader, adding that the occupation forces who have employed all their military and security power to interfere in Iraq's internal affairs are now the main obstacle in the way of the Iraqi government and nation.
No, I Can't! Obama And The Israeli Lobby

Attack Iran? Cheney's Already Tried

INS correspondent describes how Cheney tried to start a war against Iran in 2007. The interesting part is to see how the various functionaries in government dealt with the issue. Call is history or background for further study.
U.S. Seeking 58 Bases In Iraq, Unacceptable Shiite Lawmakers Say

"The points that were put forth by the Americans were more abominable than the occupation," says a leading lawmaker from the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq. "We were occupied by order of the Security Council," he said, referring to the 2004 Resolution mandating a US military occupation. "But now we are being asked to sign for our own occupation. That is why we have absolutely refused all that we have seen so far."
McCain Again Pledges To Send Unlimited US Troops To Iraq (VIDEO)

NBC's Brian Williams: "[G]iven your support for the surge and where you believe this nation is in Iraq today, where do you see it going and will your support be there for however many U.S. troops are required?" McCain answered flatly: "Yes. And the fact is we are winning in Iraq."

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