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Monday, June 16, 2008


Posted by luvfusion at 10:11AM 06/15/08 and by 2 others in Music Videos, Entertainment, Iran & Iranians
Roya Bahrami's Music - This channel will host music videos created based on the music composed by Roya Bahrami as featured in her recent album Roya with the introduction of a new genre Persian-Flamenco Fusion. The music is inspired by the timeless wisdom of Rumi, Hafiz, and Sepehri. She sings and plays all the instruments in the album. Check out for more information.

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On The Path (Persian-Flamenco, Sepehri poem)
Message (Persian-Flamenco, Sepehri poem)
Nostalgia (improvisations in Esfahan)
Morning Breeze (Char-mezrab Esfahan)
Unveiled Soul (Hafez Poem)
Intoxicated with Love (Rumi Poem)
Carmela (Persian-Flamenco)
Calling (Persian-Flamenco)
The Beloved (Persian-Flamenco, Rumi Poems)

This album is a true reflection of my life journey over the past decade.

As I was going through the major transition of leaving my corporate telecommunications career in 2004 to dedicate myself to being a full-time musician, I was shocked to learn from my doctor that I had breast cancer. Spending much of the next two years in treatment, I nevertheless continued along my artistic path and underwent an intensive period of introspection and reflection. There is much to say about this life changing experience. Suffice it to say that it presented me with a golden opportunity for self-development in phases that ranged from poetic, philosophic, spiritual, comical, emotional, and psychological.During these deep experiences of the soul, I found inspiration in the Persian poetry of Sepehri, Hafez, and Rumi as well as the Persian roots of Spanish flamenco. Being the product of Iranian and American culture myself, I have long been interested in the interaction of Eastern and Western culture, particularly the fusion of Persian music and flamenco. It is my hope that this work will help bridge the gaps that seemingly exist between cultures. I would like to dedicate this album to my family, friends, and healers who have helped me wholeheartedly and to all the other people who share this journey of survival with me. At my brother Babak’s suggestion, the album is titled “Roya,” not only because it is my first name but also because Roya means dream. After all, it has long been my dream to devote my life to music.

Roya Bahrami

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