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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Analysis: Iran Nuclear Report Reveals U.S. Knows Very Little

" The CIA is so angry with Bush, it seems, that it is ready to go to great lengths in order to help another president. Not Ahmadinejad, God forbid, but the next president in Washington. The result is likely to be the opposite: Higher Iranian militancy along with Bush and Cheney's determination to act - regardless of what the intelligence agencies say. "

Iran Expels Canadian Ambassador : December 04, 2007 Toronto Star Les Whittington

OTTAWA -- Canada's troubled relations with Iran broke out into the open yesterday when Foreign Affairs Minister Maxime Bernier announced that Canada's ambassador to Tehran had been expelled.The move is "entirely unjustifiable," Bernier said. He suggested the expulsion of Ambassador John Mundy was a tit-for-tat move by the government in Tehran.Mundy was sent to Tehran last spring but had never been able to officially present his credentials to the Iranian government, a foreign affairs spokesperson said."Canada and Iran have tried to come to an agreement on an exchange of ambassadors for some time," Bernier said in a statement.

"Unfortunately, we have as yet been unable to accept the candidates Tehran has submitted. We believe that the expulsion of our ambassador is an unfortunate and unjustified consequence of this situation."Canada's ties to Iran have been strained by Tehran's nuclear aspirations and Ottawa's demands for answers on the death of Iranian-Canadian photojournalist Zahra Kazemi in Iranian custody in 2003. Ottawa is also concerned about Iran's human rights record."Iran has not measured up to our standards for an international relationship for some time," the foreign affairs spokesperson said.Ottawa will be seeking a full explanation for the expulsion. The Canadian embassy will be headed by the charge d'affaires.Syed Mahdi Mohebi, who as charge d'affaires represents Iranian interests in Ottawa, recently complained Canada had rejected offers to resume high-level contacts between the two countries.

Estimate of Iran Changes, U.S. Policy Doesn't : December 04, 2007 - USA Today - Richard Wolf and Richard Willing

WASHINGTON -- A new intelligence estimate that reverses previous U.S. claims that Iran is developing nuclear weapons will not change the Bush administration's policy of tough sanctions and diplomacy. "That was our policy ... and that's our policy going forward," said Stephen Hadley, the president's national security adviser. "We have the right strategy."

REPORT SUMMARY: Press release on the NIE

Iran ceased its secret nuclear weapons program in 2003 and has not resumed work toward building nuclear arms, a National Intelligence Estimate released Monday says. The estimate reverses claims the intelligence community made two years ago that Iran appeared "determined to develop" a nuclear weapons program.The new estimate did not explain why the intelligence community did not know Iran had stopped its weapons program before the 2005 estimate was released.The estimate, reflecting the collective judgment of the nation's 16 intelligence agencies, also concludes that Tehran probably is "keeping open the option to develop nuclear weapons" by continuing to build missiles and pursue a civilian nuclear power
program. Iran, intelligence analysts concluded, halted weapons development in response to international scrutiny and the threat of increased sanctions.U.S. officials are still trying to enlist more nations to bring sanctions against Iran. On Monday, Undersecretary of State Nicholas Burns said he met with Chinese officials to agree on key issues involved in imposing a third set of United Nations sanctions on Iran for continuing a nuclear weapons program.Shortly after Burns' comments in Singapore, the intelligence community released its estimate saying Iran had stopped its nuclear weapons program in 2003.Despite the differences from the 2005 analysis, intelligence officials thought it was important to set the record straight by making public that "our understanding of Iran's capabilities have changed," said Donald Kerr, deputy director of national intelligence.Monday's estimate was a double "good news story," said Sen. Kit Bond of Missouri, the ranking Republican on the Senate Intelligence Committee."The intelligence community was willing to reconsider an important intelligence judgment," Bond said. "Iran doesn't appear to be currently working on a bomb."Sen. Joseph Biden, D-Del., who chairs the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said the estimate undercuts the administration's "obsession with regime change and irresponsible talk of World War III." Last month, President Bush said the U.S. policy toward Iran was aimed at avoiding "World War III.""The NIE makes clear that the right combination of pressure and positive incentives could prompt Tehran to extend the current halt to its nuclear weapons program," said Biden, a Democratic candidate for president.Mordechai Kedar, who served in Israel's military intelligence for 25 years and is a researcher at the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies in Tel Aviv, said Israel's intelligence community disagrees with the latest estimate."This is a matter of interpretation of data. I do believe that the U.S. and Israel share the same data, but the dispute is about interpreting the data. … Only a blind man cannot see their efforts to put a hand on a nuclear weapon. They are threatening the world." Contributing: Charles Levinson

Bahramerad said...

It is now revelled (according to the US, CIA report) that the ISlamic Republic of Idiots had stooped their policy of developing Atomic Weapons in 2003-We now know that all the misinformation and talk of negotiations with the West was Bolocks and these bloody Mullahs have been using this row with the West as an instrument of internal repression against the innocent Freedom loving peaceful Iranians who will never put up with these fascist Mullah's and will fight them tooth and neil till they are gone from the face of earth and history.Repression of Women, Students, Workers, and the general public in Iran will not help these idiots - they are liars and terrorist - THEY MUST GO!

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