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Monday, November 12, 2007

Latest News

US Military: Qaeda Losing Support but Iranian Arms Still Problem in Iraq
BAGHDAD -- Al-Qaeda is losing ground south of Baghdad but Iranian weapons still "trouble" US forces despite Tehran's assurance that it has halted the flow of arms into Iraq, a US commander said on Sunday. By AFP

Along Iraq-Turkey Border, Kurdish Guerrillas Remain Resolute
RANJ PRAKH, Iraq -- In the jagged mountains of northern Iraq, hard-bitten Kurdish fighters are increasingly besieged. To the west and north, Turkish troops are massed along Iraq's border. From the east, Iranian artillery is shelling the guerrillas' bases. And now from the south, Iraq's government, under heavy U.S. pressure, has begun to suppress the only sanctuaries the fighters have known for more than three decades. By The Washington Post

White House Frustrated with Brown Over Iran
The Bush administration is losing patience with Gordon Brown over Iran, with senior American diplomats frustrated by his reluctance to declare bluntly that the Islamic state must never be allowed nuclear weapons. By Telegraph

Times for Tehran
In early October, French government officials in Paris received a highly sensitive memo from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna suggesting that Iran could have just under 3,000 uranium enriching centrifuges operating in tandem at its nuclear plant in Natanz by the end of the month. A translation of the memo, seen by The Jerusalem Report, referred to "18 interlinked cascades" of 164 centrifuges in each, making a grand total of 2,952. Western experts say 3,000 centrifuge machines running smoothly for long periods at supersonic speeds could enrich enough uranium for the manufacture of a nuclear bomb within a year.

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