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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Latest news Fron Iran , In Persian


انقلابهای ژيگولی و تظاهرات سانتی‌ مانتال در ایران
خبرگزاری ایسنا: "مصطفی پورمحمدی، وزير كشور در حاشيه‌ صبحگاه مشترك بسيجيان وزارت كشور در جمع خبرنگاران ‌گفت، آمريكايي‌ها فكر كرده‌اند مي‌توانند ملت ايران را با استحاله و يك‌سري انقلاب‌هاي ژيگولي و تظاهرات سانتي‌مانتال هدايت كنند.
وی در پاسخ به پرسش يكي از خبرنگاران مبني بر اين‌كه برخي درباره ارتباطات محافل داخلي و خارجي صحبت كرده‌اند و گفته‌اند اين ارتباطات مي‌تواند زمينه‌ي انقلاب‌هاي مخملي را ايجاد كند گفت: چنين تحليلي را من نشنيده‌ام. آن‌چه من مي‌فهمم اين است كه آمريكايي‌ها فكر كرده‌اند با ايران هم مي‌توانند مانند برخي كشورهاي ديگر برخورد كنند.
پورمحمدی گفت البته اين حرف‌ها هم مربوط به چند سال پيش بود و امروز بسيار كمرنگ شده است كه فكر كنند مي‌توانند ملت ايران را با استحاله و يك‌سري انقلاب‌هاي ژيگولي و تظاهرات سانتي‌مانتال هدايت كنند؛ زمان اين حرف‌ها گذاشته است. ملت ما خود مبتكر و خلاق يك انقلاب بزرگ جهاني است و فريب انقلاب‌هاي زرق و برق‌دار و كاغذي را نخواهد خورد."
واژگونی اتوبوس حامل اعضای پاسداران: چندین نفر کشته
خبرگزاری حکومتی ایرنا: واژگوني يك اتوبوس كه از سمت اصفهان به شيراز درحركت بود بامداد يكشنبه در نزديكي شهر آباده منجر به آتش سوزي شد كه در اثر آن ‪ ۹‬نفر كشته و تعدادي نيز زخمي شدند. اين اتوبوس به سپاه پاسداران تعلق داشت كه ساعت دو و ‪ ۱۰‬دقيقه بامداد در پنج كيلومتري مانده به آباده، دچار حادثه شد. سپاه منطقه فارس و مديرعامل جمعيت هلال احمر فارس تعداد کشته شدگان را‪ ۹‬نفر اعلام کرد، اما محمد جواد مراديان رييس اورژانس فارس گفت تعداد كشته‌شدگان اين حادثه ۱۳‬نفر است. آمار دقيقي ازسرنشينان اتوبوس اعلام نشده‌است اما برخي منابع ظرفيت اتوبوس را تقريبا تكميل اعلام كردند.

A military plane belonging to Iran's Army crashed in waters of Chabahar Bay in the Gulf of Oman, southeastern Iran, on Monday. The Phantom plane crashed while it was maneuvering near the provincial city of Konarak. AN Iranian warplane crashed today in the Sea of Oman south of the Islamic Republic, the state news agency IRNA reported. It was not immediately clear if there were any casualties.The F-4 Phantom, a US-built plane belonging to Iran's navy, crashed at 8.15pm (AEDT) in the sea near the southern port city of Konarak, the report said without giving further details.Experts say Iran has a poor air safety record, with a string of crashes in the past years, many involving old US-built aircraft bought before the 1979 Islamic revolution.
The United States, which broke diplomatic ties in 1980 after Iranian students took US diplomats hostage, has imposed sanctions on Iran that making it difficult for Tehran to buy spare parts for its military and civilian aircraft.
Iranian-backed Shiites confess to bombing in Baghdad
By: Associated Press

Posted: 11/26/07BAGHDAD (AP) - Four members of an Iranian-backed Shiite cell confessed to bombing a public market in central Baghdad, a U.S. spokesman said Saturday. He also blamed Shiites for recent attacks on U.S. bases, raising fears that a three-month truce by the most feared Shiite militia may be at an end.The blast Friday in the al-Ghazl pet market killed at least 15 people, wounded 56 and shattered a growing sense of public confidence that has emerged following a sharp decline in the bombings and shootings that once rattled the Iraqi capital daily.During overnight raids, U.S. and Iraqi soldiers arrested four members of an unidentified Shiite "special groups cell," who confessed to the bombing, U.S. spokesman Rear Adm. Gregory Smith told reporters."Based on subsequent confessions, forensics and other intelligence, the bombing was the work of an Iranian-backed special groups cell operating here in Baghdad," Smith said, adding that he was not accusing Iran itself of ordering the blast.The market is located in a Shiite area and has been targeted before by Sunni extremists. But Smith said the attackers wanted people to believe that the bomb, packed with ball-bearings to maximize casualties, was the work of al-Qaida in Iraq so that residents would turn to Shiite militias for protection.He also said Shiite "special groups" were believed responsible for a series of rocket and mortar attacks against American bases in eastern Baghdad on Nov. 18.In addition to those attacks, an estimated 10 rockets or mortars fired from Shiite areas slammed into the Green Zone last Thursday in the biggest attack on the U.S.-protected area in weeks. U.S. officials said the barrage wounded an undisclosed number of people but caused no deaths. Baghdad was generally calm Saturday, with no major incidents reported by police. But the recent uptick in attacks raised questions whether anti-American cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, head of the Mahdi Army militia, would call off the six-month truce he ordered last August.U.S. officials have said the truce was generally holding and partly responsible for a 55 percent decline in attacks nationwide since June.American commanders have been careful not to accuse al-Sadr himself of any role in recent attacks. Smith said the market bombing "demonstrates there are individuals who continue to ignore Muqtada al-Sadr's pledge of a cease-fire."Nevertheless, U.S. and Iraqi forces have been cracking down on al-Sadr's followers, especially in the Shiite cities of Karbala and Diwaniyah. U.S. and Iraqi officials say they are targeting "criminal elements.""Iraqi and coalition forces will continue to capture and kill those who choose to dishonor Muqtada's pledge by committing these acts of indiscriminate violence against innocent Iraqis," Smith said.But the ongoing crackdown has enraged al-Sadr's followers, who control 30 of the 275 seats in parliament and have emerged as a major force in Iraqi politics, threatening the position of Shiite parties closely allied with the U.S. and the Shiite prime minister, Nouri al-Maliki.

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