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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Fascist are again attacking the DARAVISH of BROGERD

از سایت هم اندیشی دراویش . سرانجام حسینیه دراویش گنابادی در بروجرد پس از مدت ها فشار و تحریکات مخالفان، با کنار کشیدن نیروی انتظامی و آزاد گذاشتن مهاجمین و پس از تقریبا دو ساعت و نیمه درگیری در داخل حسینیه تصرف شد . بین ساعت ۲/۳۰ تا ۲/۴۵ بامداد ارتباط تلفنی ما با داخل حسینیه قطع شد و سرانجام در حدود ساعت ۳ بامداد خبردار شدیم که حسینیه تصرف شده است . طبق اطلاع عده ای از دراویش دستگیر و عده ای موفق به فرار شده اند . طبق آخرین اخبار رسیده هم اکنون اشغالگران در حال تخریب حسینیه با بولدوزر هستند

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تصاویری از محل ویران شده خانقاه دراویش بروجرد
نیمه شب یکشنبه بیستم آبانماه، صدها مزدور بسیجی بهمراه نیروی سرکوبگر انتظامی به خانقاه دراویش در بروجرد حمله کرده و پس از ضرب و شتم وحشیانه حاضرین، آن محل را به آتش کشیدند. در جریان این اقدام جنایتکارانه، حدود سیصد نفر مجروح و دستگیر شدند. تصاویر زیر که برای سایت ارسال شده، محل خانقاه دراویش بروجرد را نشان می دهد که بوسیله بولدوزر با خاک یکسان شده است
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Iran police battle Sufi Muslims : As Reported By BBC

The Sufi lodge was partially destroyed in the clashes : see Pictures

Around 180 Sufi Muslims have been arrested in Iran after attacking a Shia mosque where a cleric labelled their religion "illegitimate", say reports. The confrontation in the western city of Boroujerd led to a shootout between the Sufis and police that reportedly left about 80 people injured. ( WHO WAS SHOOTING WHOM ? DID THE SUFIES SHOOT AT THE POLICE ?)
Sufis are tolerated in the Islamic Republic though some religious leaders have branded them "a danger to Islam". About 1,000 Sufis were held last year in clashes at Iran's holy city of Qom. ( so how come so many of them were arrested last year , IF THEY ARE TOLERATED , according to your own report?)

The disorder in Boroujerd, about 320 km (200 miles) south-west of the capital, Tehran, broke out on Saturday morning, according to local news agencies.

Sufis attacked a Shia mosque after a cleric said their lodge should be shut down. ( repeat the same lie over and over, maybe it will stick). On Sunday, police reportedly raided the Sufi lodge to make arrests and bloody clashes ensued,

( NO NO NO , it was the Hezbollah and the paid up IRI IDIOT thugs who attacked the Sufis and their Lodge ),

resulting in the building being partially destroyed. (IT is only in Iran that a building gets demolished when POLICE go in with bulldozers and battering ramps to arrest peaceful Sufis)

Sufism is Islamic mysticism. Sufis believe in a mystical path to God through prayer, dance and music. There are Sunni and Shia Sufis. Their practices are often seen as unorthodox and illegitimate by more conservative Muslims. ( so they have no Human Rights to exist and should be killed and their lodge to be destroyed!)

SHAM ON YOU - BBC AND FUCK YOU BBC for telling lies !

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