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Monday, July 23, 2007

Western garments will be seized, police chief

Iranian ambassador meets with Iraqi PM before Iran-U.S.talks

TEHRAN, July 23 (Xinhua) -- Iran's Ambassador to Iraq Hassan Kazemi Qomi met with Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in Baghdad on Monday, one day before Tehran and Washington will hold a new round of talks over security situation in Iraq, the official IRNA news agency reported. Al-Maliki expressed hope that the second round of Iran-U.S. talks, due to be held in the Iraqi capital on Tuesday, would produce "desirable results" for supporting the people and government of Iraq, according to Iran's Foreign Ministry Information and Press Center.
The Iranian ambassador, for his part, said that Tehran's policy in the second of round of talks with the United States "is to help the Iraqi people and its government." He hoped that the upcoming talks would secure the interests of the Iraqi nation and help materialize their demand for putting an end to their hardship and suffering and for restoration of peace and security to the war-torn country.

ماشين سلاخی رژيم و اعدام های گروهی
وب سایت روئشنگری : *رژيم ساکت است که اتهامات منتسب به 16 اعدامی و 17 نفری که در ليست اعدام قرار دارند در کدام دادگاه علنی به اثبات رسيده است؟ دفاعيات وکلای دستگير شدگان کجاست؟ وکلای اين اعداميان چه کسانی بوده اند؟ آيا آنها اصلا از وکيل برخوردار بوده اند؟ يا اين که گروهی از دستگيرشدگان را دست چين کرده و
به سرعت سلاخی کرده اند تا وحشت و ارعاب در جامعه حاکم کنند؟
Iran: 125 'arrested over immorality' at Shiite shine

Tehran, 23 July (AKI) - A total 125 people have been arrested in the northeast Iranian city of Mashhad, one of the holiest Shiite shrines. according to police.The 67 men and 58 women were arrested for committing 'sex crimes', a spokesman for Mashhad police said without elaborating. Many thousands of Shiite pilgrims head to Mashhad each year to visit the Imam Reza's mausoleum.Shiite Muslims believe that Imam Reza was the eighth successor to the Prophet Mohammad. Reza was allegedly poisoned in 818 while travelling through Mashhad
Iran: Western garments will be seized, police chief warns
Tehran, 18 July (AKI) - "Illegal" clothing such as above-the-knee coats or designer T-shirts will be confiscated and those who wear them will be detained until they are supplied with "decent" garments, Tehran's police chief, General Ali Reza Radan told Iran's Iskanews.Radan also described fans of heavy metal and other types of pop music as "dangerous social elements" who will no longer be tolerated. He also declared war on the popular "narghile" or hookah pipe, declaring: "Restaurants and bars where families go may no longer offer the narghile."The government of hardline president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced on Monday it was stepping up its morality campaign, which is now targeting young men as well as young women deemed to be dressed in an "unIslamic" fashion. "Reoffenders" will be detained and tried, Radan told the semi-official Iranian news agency Fars. Youths with "western" hairstyles and clothes will be arrested and released only when they give police the names of their hairdressers and will be allowed to leave police stations when they have donned "decent" attire," Radan said.Starting next week, "all the patrols that will carry out the campaign to restore public morality will be equipped with portable computers to check if the young men and women detained for their inadequate attire and western attitudes are previous offenders," Radan stated.A spokesman for Iran's central judicial authority, Ali Reza Jamshidi, announced last week the imminent execution of 20 people in Tehran "who have been found guility of illicit sexual relations and acts aganst the faith." At least six young men arrested for homosexual relations were reported to be among them.Jamshidi also announced the arrest of 18 activists at Tehran's prestigious Amir Kabir university - where students have been staging demonstrations in recent weeks against the government's Islamic moralisation campaign.This year's Islamic moralisation campaign - launched in late April - has also targeted satellite dish owners and alcohol consumption, boutiques selling western food, western music, and dog-walking. Dogs are banned from public places, as they are considered impure.

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